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Why Snapchat Isn’t Fazed By Meerkat or Periscope

Snapchat revolutionized how we communicate (and sext) on our smartphones. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we could give details about our lives at every moment, but they could be viewed by others at a later time, and that’s not that realistic of a depiction of how we communicate in person.

On Facebook we have to edit posts to make sure we don’t offend anyone or so that our parents don’t get all of the juicy details of what we did last weekend. While on Twitter, we just share our thoughts at a given moment.

With Instagram we share photos of what we saw or did during the day, but they can be altered with filters and thus aren’t a genuine exposure of our lives. The photos on Instagram stay on there forever unless deleted as well, which doesn’t give posts an “in the moment” kind of feeling.

Snapchat, on the other hand, makes communication via smartphone as realistic as it can be with current technology. Snaps are only viewable for up to 10 seconds, making each pic or video just like communicating face to face; moments are only in the present for so long until they become a memory.

When you communicate with someone in person, those moments are there then they’re gone. Nothing is preserved, other than the memory of those moments, but those fade as well.

Snaps fade away after only a few seconds, just like a sentence spoken in real time, making this app the most authentic way to communicate on our smartphones.

That is, until Meerkat and Periscope came along. These apps found a meteoric rise in popularity and downloads in the first few weeks of their launching, and the Mayweather­Pacquiao fight sure helped.

These apps let users live broadcast their lives from their smartphones, and with the boxing match of the century happening right after their launches, many people downloaded them in hopes of watching the fight on their phones instead of paying to watch it on their TVs.

Meerkat and Periscope seemed to one­up Snapchat, giving people a live feed of what other people are doing, but honestly, Snapchat’s team has been sleeping pretty soundly since these apps came around.

Snapchat isn’t threatened by Meerkat or Periscope, and they shouldn’t be; at least not for a few years or so.

This is because people simply don’t care enough or aren’t ready to broadcast their lives in a live format. People aren’t t​hat​obsessed with their phones just yet, and sharing their everyday lives in real time with their friends simply isn’t appealing to everyone at this point.  However, sharing nudes on snapchat has completely revolutionized how we interact.

We keep in touch with our friends and family enough, so why would we need to live stream our daily activities? Would you want to watch your friend watch Netflix live? Maybe, but only if you didn’t have an account yourself.

Snapchat couldn’t care less about Periscope or Meerkat. These apps are innovative, but they simply came around a few years early.

Snapchat gives us a truly authentic and realistic way to communicate with friends, sharing moments as they fade away, just like our snaps, and for the time being that’s good enough for us.


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