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SnapChat Sexting

How Snapchat Revolutionized Sexting

Imagine a world where messages are never truly deleted and paper trails are a given when it comes to online communication. When you talk with someone via text or IM on a site or app, there is always a way to back track and discover any previous messages, and if you’re cheating on your significant other, the chances of you getting caught are very high.

That was only a few years ago. Then a couple Stanford students created Snapchat, and sexting was changed forever. With Snapchat, users can communicate with each other but each correspondence is deleted forever after no more than 10 seconds.

This is a revolutionary feature, and it is the main draw to the app, and something that all users take advantage of. Some people use it to send funny or embarrassing selfies to friends and the disappearing act means friends can’t take that photo and post it elsewhere (they can, but Snapchat notifies the sender when the receiver screen caps the photo).

Other users like this feature because it allows them to send sexy selfies and nude pictures of themselves to other users and since the snaps are deleted, there can be no backlash, like if the sender is a politician, for example. The photos fading into ether after 10 seconds or less makes them even more provocative for the receiver, as they want to see what’s next in anticipation of the next snap.

If the pictures were sent in a text, the receiver could keep them forever and could end up posting them to the internet somewhere or on social media. That would definitely be unfortunate for the person who sent the picture, as they probably only want the picture to be seen by one pair of eyes.

Snapchat sexting is absolutely revolutionary since it deletes every picture every user sends, making conversations be about this moment, rather than be in mixed with the past. With sexting, it’s all about the current moment, how each person is feeling, and Snapchat helps conversations on the app seem like they are in real life.

Conversations, moments, and memories fade. That’s just part of life. Snaps are meant to be viewed in the same way, and it’s something that sexters definitely appreciate.

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