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Become Apart of My Blogging Group!

I have a blogging group where we share our articles through our emails and give each other feedback! We also send other articles we’ve read on the web and discuss what we think about the articles. You can be in any part of the world to be apart of the group, as we do everything online, so don’t let your location hold you back! One requirement for the group is that you have to have access to Skype because we frequently hold our meetings on there. If you want to be apart of my group, email me at┬á Please send me your name, where you live (can just be state if you like, it’s just to get to know you!), and a picture of yourself if you like! Also, send why you want to be apart of the group and why you think you’d be a good fit! It helps us get better acquainted since we cannot meet face to face. Thank you for your time!